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About us

Products from the Kresspichl cheese dairy

In Kresspichl dairy farm in the Passeiertal Valley (South Tyrol) we produce excellent cheese, mainly from raw goat milk. The coagulation process of raw milk is still done by hand and according to traditional recipes. In addition to classic goat cheese we also produce cheese from cow milk. We offer various raw milk cheese amongst which are our mountain cheese, pepper cheese, chilli peppers cheese, garlic cheese and caraway cheese and also semi-hard goat cheese and fresh goat cheese.

The mountain and goat cheese is produced only from cheese culture and sea salt. The cheese matures in our natural stone cellar without artificial accelerators. It lies on wooden boards for maturation between 1 and 24 months and is turned by hand on a regular basis.

From the producer to the consumer – Farm shop

Our farm produce from the Passiertal Valley (South Tyrol) like cheese, bacon, quail eggs, smoked beef, smoked goat meat and smoked chamois-goat sausages can be purchased in the farm shop. This is where the personal contact to our customers grows best, and we consider this very important. The more information our customers get about the production of food, the easier it is for their purchase to be a good decision.

The good taste of the meat and sausages is due to the secret of this recipe. Our biggest focus lies on animal welfare, feeding and short transport routes, which are stress-free for the animals.

Our aim

We breed Passeier mountain goats, an ancient robust race, which was kept as a milk and meat goat until 1960. Unfortunately, the use of milk has lost in importance over the past 50 years, and goats have been bred for their beauty and a harmonic stature. We strive to use this race based on the original goal of a meat and milk provider.

The Passeier mountain goats are out on the meadow from May to the end of October. From September onwards they are brought to high-alpine pastures where they enjoy the autumn.

Product overview

Note: These products are available as long as stock lasts

  • Cow cheese: Mountain cheese, Herbal cheese, Chilli peppers cheese
  • Goat cheese: Semi-hard cheese, Fresh cheese
  • From pork: Bacon, Tenderloin and shoulder
  • Beef: Smoked beef
  • Mixed: Smoked chamois-goat sausages
  • Eggs: Chicken eggs, Quail eggs
  • Spreads: Cranberry jam, Alpine rose honey, Forest blossom honey
  • Home-made Schnapps: Nusseler (nuts), Greitschiler (mountain pine), Enzian (gentian), Kressbichler Kräuterschnaps (herbs)